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More than 90 years of history

Founded in 1923, hummel has over 90 years of proud history. As a true heritage sports & lifestyle brand, here are some of the highlights of the brand throughout the ages. 



Albert Messmer develops one of the first football cleats in the world. With his brother Michael Ludwig Messmer, he founds the company Messmer & Co. that will go on to become known as hummel. 



The visionary Bernhard Weckenbrock takes over the company. He creates a thorough brand identity and introduces the chevrons.  



The first sponsorship deal is signed. The deal is with Duisburg that plays in the 2nd German Bundesliga. 



The first sportswear collection is launched. Sponsorships are signed and help sales. The bumblebee is created in a rounder version than the current. 



hummel is introduced to the North European market.



hummel signs the Danish national team for the first time – a deal that lasts until 2004. 



hummel signs a sponsorship deal with Real Madrid and the club’s biggest star, Emilio Butragueño. The deal makes hummel products even more popular. 



It’s a surprising win, to say the least. The Danish national team takes the title in the European Championship after having played Germany in the final. 



hummel gets a new owner – Thornico. This introduces Christian Stadil to the brand history. He launches a collection of reintroduced, original sport styles into the fashion market and hummel becomes a trendsetting sports apparel brand. 



hummel celebrates its 90th birthday with the re-introduction of a range of heritage styles. 



After many years hummel once again sponsors a team in the German Bundesliga. The SC Freiburg plays a sensational first season after returning to the first league and qualifies for international competition. 



The Danish women’s team wins silver in the European Women’s Championship in The Netherlands, but puts up a good fight against the hosts in the final. This accomplishment is seen as one of the absolute highlights in Danish women's football.


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